Willy Boers

Kleurige tekens (colourful signs)


oil on canvas
62 x 43 cm

- private collection -

Information on Willy Boers (1905-1978):

Willy Boers was born in Amsterdam in 1905. He lived and worked in Amsterdam and Paris, where he started out as a restorer of paintings before he started painting.  

Willy boers was an important and influential Dutch abstract painter of the Dutch 'post war' period. He founded the '12 schilders' group in 1946, including talented painters like Ger Gerrits,  Frieda Hunziker and Wim Sinemus. 

Shortly after, Boers formed the Dutch 'Vrij Beelden' group (1947) . With Ger Gerrits he was co-founder of the Dutch 'Creatie' group in 1950, including  Armando, Piet van Stuivenberg, Wim Crowel, Andre van der Vossen, Hans Ittmann and Juul Neumann amongst others. 

Willy Boers is influenced by Paul Klee, Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky and Joan Miro. His work demonstrates great craftsmanship and the use of colours applied with a great sense of balance. 

Works of Willy Boers in exhibitions in Indonesia, Amsterdam, Paris, Germany and Switzerland. Paintings in various museums, including the 'Cobra museum of Modern Art’ in Amstelveen (Holland).