It is wonderful to be able to deal with customers and art
lovers freely and frankly in an inspiring environment.

For about 25 years, I have had the privilege of joining my husband Henk on a magnificent journey through the wonderful world of abstract art. Henk, founder of Klasema ART, had a passion for art that came straight from the heart. His passion inspired me and taught me so much.

Henk made it his life mission to promote the important artists that you find in our collection, giving them the recognition they so richly deserve. He was strongly involved in the publishing of the Willy Boers (1905-1978) Monograph in 1995. He later published, Focus Paris (2001) and The Golden Age of Abstraction: the Post War Period (2004), as well as numerous brochures .

In august 2011 our journey came to an end when Henk suddenly passed away. During this difficult period I found strength and support in being around in our gallery. It brought back beautiful memories and it felt as if Henk was still around. I realized that I missed sharing our collection with customers and art friends, so I decided to continue Klasema Art, in memory of Henk.

I would be delighted to welcome you at our gallery, so please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Anneke Klasema, september 2012

Henk Klasema and Anneke Klasema van Loenhout

Henk Klasema and Anneke Klasema van Loenhout