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Quality artworks from the golden age of abstraction

IllustrationThe Klasema ART abstract Modern Art collection covers a unique selection of prominent early European, North America and Russian Modernist artists, painters and sculptors. Driven by passion for beauty and quality, these (geometric) abstract Modern artworks have been carefully collected over the past forty years, with a special focus on abstract Modern artworks from the influential post-war period (1945–1976).

Painters and sculptors from the important Dutch abstract Modern art schools Vrij Beelden, Creatie and Liga Nieuwe Beelden, all founded between 1947 and 1962, are represented. So are influential abstract Modernist painters from the French Nouvelle École de Paris and Russian and North American abstract Modernist painters, all ‘connected’ to the Parisian developments on abstract Modern art after the second World War and beyond.

The Klasema ART Modern Art collection includes the abstract Modernist painters and sculptors Willy Boers, Dolf Breetvelt, Frieda Hunziker, Willem Hussem, Joost Baljeu, Andre Volten, Juul Neumann, Theo Bitter, Gust Romijn, Klaas Boonstra, Andre van der Vossen, Wim Sinemus, Will Leewens, Leon Zack, Youla Chapoval, Serge Charchoune, Bill Parker, Helen Gerardia, Rolph Scarlett, Nicolaas Warb, Joseph Ongenae, Hendrik van Bottenburg, Jean Deyrolle, Jean Gorin, Andre Volten, Wim Crowel, Heinrich Davringhausen, Auguste Herbin, Renato Righetti, Silvano Bozzolini, Alberto Magnelli, Toon Kelder, Andre Volten, Jaap Egmond, Ferenc Gogos, Shlomo Koren, Manette van Hamel, Gerald Coarding, Walter Helbig, and Joseph Lacasse among others. Art movements include Ecole de Paris, lyrical abstract, abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, material art, constructivism, cubism and minimalism.

Image on the right: Geometric composition No. 12, by André Volten, 1957